Monday, August 17, 2009

The Takeover: More Than Just a Program

Steve Robinson, Producer, WHUR-WORLD

“As the rhythm designed to bounce, what counts is that the rhymes designed to fill your mind/Now that you've realized the prides arrived, we got to pump the stuff to make us tough/From the heart it's a start, a work of art…” lyrics from Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power”

Q: What is Hip-Hop? Is it a genre of music, a movement, a culture, a multi-million dollar a year business?
A: All of the Above

Hip-Hop, in its earlier days, was an outlet, or a voice, for a group of people who, in a rhythmic fashion, had a message to share with the rest of the world. Over the years, and with the inception of mainstream media, the foundation for which this genre of music was initially built on has evolved. The evolution has caused Hip Hop to become one of the highest revenue grossing entities globally. Though this would seem to be a positive progression, it caused a negative divide within the genre. Artists and fans that love the genre for the core values the music was established on are constantly in competition with artists and fans that see the monetary value as the sole motivation to create music. It would seem that, as there once was, there would be room for all of these artists to demonstrate their talents through the music, but that isn’t the case. Well, until the creation of “The Takeover”

Q: What is The Takeover?
A: The Takeover is a program on WHUR-WORLD that allows for the artists of the genre who do not receive an adequate amount of airplay a home to showcase their talents musically. The Takeover has two weekly objectives: To equally entertain and educate. The music library for The Takeover in unconventional: meaning that you will not consistently hear the same handful of songs when you listen to the show.Weekly topics, news, creative segments and an extensive library of Hip Hop music have allowed The Takeover to be referred to as a “breathe of fresh air” by some of the pioneers in the music industry.

Q: Whom is the takeover meant for?
A: Everyone

The Takeover was created for all listeners. For the coreWHUR-WORLD listener, the Takeover allows for insight into the Hip Hop generation. For the older members of the Hip Hop Generation, the show allows for them to reconnect with all the reasons they fell in love with the genre in the first place. For the younger members of the generation, education is key. The Takeover shows this generation the artists who paved the way for the artists they idolize today, while showing love to said idols.

So I encourage you to listen to The Takeover every Friday and Saturday from 6 to 10 pm Eastern Standard Time, on WHUR-WORLD 96.3 HD-2. I also encourage you to follow the WHUR-WORLD staff and me on here as we discuss more topics involving the genre of music I hold near and dear to my heart: HIP-HOP!

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