Wednesday, September 9, 2009


As a young girl, I often saw glimpses of violent behavior in my own family. While I did not know the term for such chaos, I believed it was simply part of life. It was not until much later in my adult life that I was able to put a name to the nonsense. It’s called Domestic Violence. Simply put, domestic violence and emotional abuse are behaviors used by one person in a relationship to control the other. Every Saturday morning at 9EST on WHUR-WORLD 96.3 HD2, we seek to break the cycle of domestic abuse on “The Sighlent Storm.”

As the Executive Producer, I have the unique opportunity to work with two individuals who are not only passionate about the issue of domestic violence; but they also have a wealth of experience in the arena. Denise McCain and Mandrell Birks are the former Executive Director and Community Outreach Director of the Family Crisis Center in Prince George’s County, Maryland. It is the only comprehensive shelter in Prince George’s County to assist victims, children, and perpetrators of domestic violence. With that background, Denise and Mandrell bring a sense of compassion, knowledge, and common sense approach to a very complex issue. Our goal is to help spread the word about a topic that is not often talked about.

The reality is that in America alone every 20 seconds a woman is abused and every 38 seconds a man is battered. These figures are alarming at best. Domestic violence is an equal opportunity destroyer that occurs whether you live in North America, South America, Asia, Antarctica, Africa, Europe, or Australia. On the “Sighlent Storm,” we strive to pull the covers off this issue and get a constant dialogue going in order to eradicate abuse.

Each week, we take a different aspect of the issue and delve deep inside to get to solutions. Whether it’s a man beating a woman, a woman beating her man, or a child witnessing abuse; “The Sighlent Storm” is going to talk about it with experts from a variety of fields. We speak with victims, perpetrators, clergy, elected leaders, health care practitioners, law enforcement, judicial experts, youth, and advocates. We know that domestic violence is a learned behavior that impacts, not just the family, but also the entire community.

“The Sighlent Storm” is the only program on radio, television, or the web devoted to making domestic violence a thing of the past. Amazingly, every week we begin our show highlighting domestic violence stories in the news. Since we began the show in 2007, there has never been a week where there weren’t at least three stories about abuse. We look forward to the day when there are no stories to report. That is our goal. That is our prayer.

Join us for insightful, controversial, and real conversations with real solutions Every Saturday morning at 9EST…only on WHUR-WORLD 96.3 HD2.

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